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Fort O. Warehouse

365 Patterson Ave   Fort Oglethorpe,GA 30742

Phone: (706) 858-8732 / (607) 266- 7070



In 2017, Ongweoweh aquired a full service pallet recycling facility in Fort Oglethorpe, GA to facilitate the needs of our customers, known today as Ongweoweh SCS Ft. Oglethorpe LLC. This operation was established to provide quality products and professional services to strategic customers and partners.

We are dedicated to providing new, recycled and re-manufactured pallets to our customer base in the Tennessee market. Ongweoweh SCS Ft. Oglethorpe LLC provides innovative solutions and cost savings initiatives that surround pallet and packaging needs such as pallet redesign, repair and reuse programs, and scrap removal.

Management Team

Bryan Brisebois
Sales Executive
(772) 260-0269


Terry McDaniel
General Manager
(706) 858-8732

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