Recycling Services
We Can Help You Simplify
All Of Your Scrap Removal Needs

Our single source solutions simplify scrap removal – this includes all wood waste, OCC, plastic and metal – by consolidating them all into one trailer. Our programs;

  • Generate Maximum Revenue
  • Stock Management & Recycling
  • On-site and Off-site services
  • Remove All Types of Waste
  • Create Landfill Diversion Programs
  • Inventory Tracking Software

Corporate social responsibility is no longer a luxury of tagline; it is a requirement in everyday business practices. We have helped a national customer divert over 21 million pounds of wood waste in 2014. Wood-based products that are retrieved from a customer site may be broken down and re-sold for use as animal bedding, fuel pellets, or mulch. Ongweoweh’s ability to identify and capture secondary markets for wood and plastic-based products has been of great financial and environmental benefit to our customers. Our landfill diversion initiatives have successfully produced revenue streams and/or cost avoidance for our customers across the United States.

Native Trax™: Ongweoweh leads the industry with its pallet inventory tracking capabilities, made possible by its self-produced program NativeTrax™, which is a proprietary inventory and logistics software for real-time tracking of assets around the country. This software assigns value and location data to client’s assets that is then utilized to eliminate waste, implement reuse and recycling initiatives, reduce costs, and provide valuable data online for ease of access by the customer.

Benifits For Our Customer
Highlights And Key Features
  • Manage National Sortation of Multiple Dunnage Assets
  • Manage 34 US Depot/Repair Facilities
  • Dock Sweeps at Most Customer Sites
  • Removal of Wood Waste and Other Materials
  • Landfill Diversion
  • Income Opportunities
  • NativeTrax™ Tracking Software
  • Pallet Inventory Tracking
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