Unit Load Optimization
We Can Optimize Your Entire Unit Load
Improving Your Entire Supply Chain

We use our proprietary software solutions to optimize the entire unit load and distribution supply chain with our;

  • White & Company Expertise
  • System Based Approaches
  • Top Software Approaches
  • Advanced Industry Expertise

Our Unit Load Optimization knowledge includes the pallet and distribution packaging as well as your material handling equipment and environment. Our proven process of a systems based design versus a component based design has been demonstrated successful. We have saved national companies up to 1 million dollars in the first year!

By advancing our ability to provide customers with alternate packaging materials, to include (but not limited to): slip sheets, honeycomb, nails, banding, corrugate boxes, containers, pails, drums, foam etc., Ongweoweh Corp would provide services for the entire unit load, which would greatly diversifies its business scope.

Benefits For Our Customers
Highlights And Key Features
  • Reduce Company Cost by 6%
  • Savings of Up To 75% in Labor costs
  • Reduce SKU Count by 50%
  • Solid Base for Reduction in Primary Packaging
  • Solid Base For Reduction in Secondary Packaging
  • Possible Million Dollar Savings
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